Originally, Lost in the Grooves was an anthology celebrating music that slipped through the cracks. 

Lost in the Grooves: Scram’s Capricious Guide to the Music You Missed

Edited by Kim Cooper and David Smay. Illustrations by Tom Neely.

With essays by Brooke Alberts, Mike Appelstein, Jake Austen, Peter Bagge, Ken Barnes, The Bengala, Tosh Berman, Jon Bernhardt, Gene Booth, Derrick Bostrom, Joe Boucher, Carl Cafarelli, Kevin Carhart, Sean Carrillo, Hayden Childs, Genevieve Conaty, David Cotner, Robert Dayton, Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, Stuart Derdeyn, Deke Dickerson, Brian Doherty, Jonathan Donaldson, Philip Drucker, SL Duff, Andrew Earles, Becky Ebenkamp, Russ Forster, Phil Freeman, Ron Garmon, Doug Gillard, Chas Glynn, Gary Pig Gold, William Ham, Doug Harvey, Max Hechter, Richard Henderson, Elizabeth Herndon, Tim Hinely, Jay Hinman, Andrew Hultkrans, Elizabeth Ivanovich, Kris Kendall, Kelly Kuvo, P. Edwin Letcher, Ted Liebler, Michael Lucas, Michael Lynch, Erin McKean, Richard Meltzer, Rick Moody, Jim O’Rourke, Alec Palao, George Pelecanos, James Porter, Mark Prindle, Domenic Priore, Howie Pyro, Ken Rudman, Metal Mike Saunders, David J. Schwartz, Gene Sculatti, Greg Shaw, Jack Shay, Matthew Smith, Matthew Specktor, Vern Stoltz, Deniz Tek, Michele Tepper, Dave Thompson, Gregg Turkington, Jillian Venters, Elisabeth Vincentelli, Ed Ward, Steve Wynn and Jacqueline Zahas.

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  1. I have a few questions regarding some very rare songs from a few movies
    and I’m hoping that someone can help me out. 🙂

    The songs that I’m looking for are extremely rare they are:

    1. Don’t Tell Her It’s Me – Michael Ruff (“Don’t Tell Her It’s Me”)

    Many of these artists are obscure or singers that I’ve never heard of
    before but I love their music.)

    2 . This boy’s on a roll – Robert Gordan (From the movie “Oxford Blues”
    starring Rob Lowe.)

    3. Stowaway – Mark Ryder (Also from “Oxford Blues”)

    4. Rock and roll days/nights – Jim Wootten (From the made for T.V.
    movie “Can You Feel Me Dancing” starring Justine Bateman)

    5. Smooth Mover – Diana Dewitt And Michael Hannah (Also from “Can You
    Feel Me Dancing”)

    6. Let’s Keep What We’ve Got – Marilyn Mccoo (“The Parent Trap II”)

    7. Songs from the movie “Double Switch”

    8. Dare to win – SILVIE

    * If anyone can get these songs onto mp3 and send them to my e-mail or
    put them onto a cd I’d be most appreciative as I’m so desperate I’ve
    been trying to find these songs for so long now. Or even if someone out
    there has the recording equipment to record these songs from the movie
    or something that would really mean so much to me.

    I’m a major 80s fan which you would’ve picked up going by my list as
    all of these movies/songs are from the 80s so any 80s fans out there
    that can help me send me an e-mail when you can.

    Kindest Regards,

    Ellie from Australia. 🙂

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