I’ve been fascinated by Joe Orton’s plays as wel…

I’ve been fascinated by Joe Orton’s plays as well as his lifestyle. On one of my trips to London, I went on a very long walk through Islington, North London. I tried to imagine what it was like in the 60’s. I found Orton’s flat where he was murdered. Also on the same walking trip I found Joe Meek’s recording studio and home.

I tried to imagine what their lives were like. First of all homosexual practices in public places were pretty much outlawed – and I did try to find the public bathroom in their neighborhood. I couldn’t find it – and I was told that the public toilet in that area doesn’t exist anymore. Which is a shame, because it should be a plaque in the spot saying this is where Joe Orton and Joe Meek (among others) had sex and a pee as well.

I wondered if they ever met in the darkness of the toilets? One would presume so, but alas all we have are the brilliance of their work.

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