Finally figured out how to host mp3s on my site, so hey, welcome to a new era in DETAILED TWANG‘s evolution. I figure that this’ll either be the total death knell of the site, or the free, quasi-illegal appleseeds that bring the kids back every week. We’ll see. When I envisioned putting up some files a few months ago, I figured like everyone with a halfway decent mp3 blog that I’d try and reveal stuff that you probably haven’t heard before, and/or stuff that’s so out of print or tough to track down that you’ll be friggin’ stoked to finally be hearing it. I then thought about two 60s girl-group killers I discovered this past year, and how I’d like to teach them to the whole world. Here goes.

First up is “White Levis” by THE MAJORETTES, courtesy of DJ Chris Owen, a pal and a connoisseur of recorded musical wisdom. I heard him play this at gigs not once but twice, and both times bounded over to the “disc jockey booth” to ask who-the-f***-is-that?? I honestly can’t tell you when it’s from, but I know that it’s a sly knockout of a song. Stupid saccharine fun from the sixties. I hope you like it. Better still is 1963’s “Papa t’es Dans L’Coup” by French singer SHEILA, which may not clasify as a rarity per se, since it was sorta featured in the campy French comedy “Eight Women” a few years ago. Here’s a YouTube link of her video for it, featuring some of the worst dancing and lip-syncing of all time. Both tracks are among the best 60s girl-pop smashes in my narrow world. We’ll see what else we paste up here for ya next time. Enjoy!

Download THE MAJORETTES – “White Levis” 45
Download SHEILA – “Papa t’es Dans L’Coup” 45

(click on these links above, then download from the page the links take you to – or just play the songs there first)

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