I guess if you asked I’d tell you my favorite all-time band is probably THE FLESH EATERS. I never saw the 1978-83 version live myself, I’m afraid – it was a couple years later that I got wise to their majesty, and it’s been two decades-plus since that time & I still think no band has ever touched them for personification of sheer all-out, fire & brimstone raw power. The number of “rarities” out there from them are fairly few & far between (thankfully), since three of their four LPs have made it to CD in the intervening years. Still MIA is the masterpiece “Forever Came Today” LP and a couple of odds & ends. One thing I own & treasure is a live December 1982 radio show the band did not long after the release of that album on KPFK-FM in Los Angeles. The 15-song set features songs from all four of their albums, including the “Hard Road To Follow” LP that hadn’t come out yet. The band are in total howling metal/punk/teeth-gnashing rare form on this particular evening, and man o man how I wish I could’ve seen them. I reckon this is as close as we’ll get – here are three whoppers from that night for your listening pleasure.

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