I wussed out on the record release party last Friday but rest assured this thing’s brand new – the second full-length from 21st Century punk rock’s primary exponents. These guys somehow just make it all sound so easy, no straining to be heard, no over-the-top stupidity, just a totally hotwired, glamarama middle point between “The New York Dolls In Too Much Too Soon” and THE INFANTS‘ “Giant Girl In The 5th Grade” (hey, you know, that’s a song we should post here soon...). The TIME FLYS, when they’re on, can make the tired garage punk subgenre seem ballsy & fucking alive again – witness this one’s “This Is Stoner Rock” (wha…?) and “Romance + Violence”, two songs as good as any you’re going to hear this year. Part of the reason I like them so much is they’ve still retained this can’t-barely-play sound that threatens to send each song sputtering into pure noise (“Romance + Violence” almost falls apart at least twice), and yet their chops are loud & fast & wild, just like they are live – and I’ve seen them a good half a dozen times and hope to at least double that amount in 2007. This one’s even better than “Fly”, so take it from a brother and get that wallet in your back pocket now — and see these fellass + gal if they ever come to your town.

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