Thorinshield – “S/T” CD (Fallout)

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Steve Douglas produced and Perry Botkin arranged the sole, baroque 1968 album by this obscure L.A. trio whose lush harmonies and folk-rock jangle suggest they were paying close attention to Love and Buffalo Springfield. Too sing-song earnest in spots, on “The Best of It,” Thorinshield come off as clueless dopes in the face of a bad girl’s attitude. But on a spaced-out fantasia like “Prelude to a Postlude,” the romantic observations only get more charming as they’re repeated ad infinitum, while the backwards guitar and glee-club vocals on “One Girl” sound like a cool lost Merry-Go-Round track. Overall, a sweet and summery discovery. Bassist Bobby Ray would go on to record the cult fave “Initiation of a Mystic” in 1970.

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