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(Bullet Point) I’m not here to surprise. I’m excited. Hopefully, there will be some mention of the last two Def American albums, the indie albums, and what has been happening since 2000. I find this him fascinating. I’m confortable with the predictability of it all. Edgy? Offensive? Bill Hicks? Please. For better or worse, there was nothing like this man’s comedy. He looks terrible. The skin underneath his eyes looks as though it’s seeking an out-of-court settlement with the rest of his face. Round 8 for that one.

(Bullet Point) I have not seen Zodiac, but…..I’m excited. I’m half-confident that David Fincher has made his first movie that falls outside of the Clever Art for Stupid People category.

(Bullet Point) Is this still interesting to people? Is a mainstream 80’s aesthetic (that has nothing to do with the music, sonically) still entertaining herds of idiots?

(from Pitchfork)

“With his midriff-baring t-shirts and loose-limbed dance moves, !!!’s Nic Offer is a total goofball in the unselfconscious way that only really cool guys can get away with being. If you’ve ever attended a performance by !!! or Offer’s former band, Out Hud, then you’re familiar with his repertoire: the Christ-like wingspan, overhead clapping, shimmying hips, gangly duck-walking, dervish spins, scissor kicks, and humpy pelvic thrusts. It’s like the mutant spawn of step aerobics, Flashdance, and Electric Boogaloo in an arena-ready package: ridiculous, extravagant, and completely awesome. Offer’s stage presence isn’t just deeply entertaining; it’s an ice-breaker that gives us permission, by example, to forget ourselves and celebrate with abandon. You can tell he’s having a hell of a time, and his enthusiasm is infectious.”

(Bullet Point) Ok, back to the excitement. These future reads make me smile:

Paper Trails: True Stories of Confusion, Mindless Violence, and Forbidden Desires, a Surprising Number of Which Are Not About Marriage (Hardcover)
Pete Dexter (Author)

Goldilocks (Mass Market Paperback)
Andrew Coburn (Author)

True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa (Paperback)
Michael Finkel (Author)

The Collected Memoirs of Charles Willeford : I Was Looking for a Street/Something About a Soldier (Paperback)
Charles Wileford (Author)

Fucked by Rock: The Unspeakable Confessions of Zodiac Mindwarp (Paperback)
Mark Manning (Author)

At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches (Hardcover)
Susan Sontag (Author), David Rieff (Foreword), Paolo Dilonardo (Editor), Anne Jump (Editor)

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