Do I still love the music?

Oh, I do. The daily repetition of these songs threatens my quality of life.

The Hidden Hand – “Purple Neon Dream”

Alabama Thunderpussy – “Void of Harmony” (note: Due to the awful name and horror regarding anything billed as “Southern Metal”, I’ve never heard this band. The easy access promo cardboard sleeve and a long drive worked to introduce this catchy blaster. True to the cover art, it sounds a little like Molly Hatchet, but nothing like Bolt Thrower.)

Primal Scream – “Higher Than The Sun”

Dead C. – “World”

Ponys – “Small Talk” and “1209 Seminary”

Amerie – “1 Thing”

Metallica – “Motorbreath”

Wedding Present – “Suck”

Ween – various numbers from The Pod

Gene Clark – “Because of You”

Witchery – “Disturbing The Beast”

Rein Sanction – “Creel”

Jackson C. Frank – “My Name Is Carnival”

Can – “Fall of Another Year”

Salem 66 – “Postcard”

Bongwater – “The Drum”

LCD Soundsystem – “Someone Great”

Norman Greenbaum – “Alice Bodine”

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band – “For You”

Terry Reid – “Superlung My Supergirl”

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