Hey, I know this isn’t a pic of the band or their album – I can’t find THE WHITEFRONTS’ 1985 album “Roast Belief” in my cluttered garage (actually I’m too lazy to look), so you just get a pic of this lovely honking bird instead of a scan of the record. It’s also rare enough that there’s virtually nothing about it online. Who were the WHITEFRONTS? Well, when I started college at UC-Santa Barbara in 1985, they were sorta my hipster cousin & his pals’ favorite local band down there. I never got to see them; I think they graduated or got kicked out or something around ’86 and moved to San Francisco, where they gigged around for a bit and then called it a day a couple of years later. My cousin used to play me some great “cassette tapes” of their stuff, which ranged from Velvet Underground-inspired freakouts (like the track I’m posting here, the fantastic “6 Buses” from the “Roast Belief” album) to Hawaiian slide guitar weirdness to hippie bongo workouts to Meat Puppets-style fake hardcore punk. And lots of genres and styles in between. When you hear this track, perhaps you’ll wish to start the Whitefronts revival with me?

Download THE WHITEFRONTS – “6 Buses”

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