Worrier King

I’ve been up all night
Wondering what the morning’s gonna bring
I’ve been up all night
Wondering what November’s gonna bring
Worried about my country
And I worry about everything

Warren Zevon,
   “Worrier King”

I don’t wait well. Never have, probably never will. Word has it that I grind my teeth while I sleep. Deb tells me that I do, my dentist tells me that I do. I have no doubt that those things that I push onto the back burner of my mind while I’m awake are the very same ones that sneak up on me while I sleep. Tightening my jaws, clenching my teeth. Grinding, grinding, grinding.

More than a month has passed since the publisher made an offer on my book. Things are moving ahead well; we’re just ironing out some of the finer points of the contract. In the meantime…

I wait to hear from my agent. And, by extension, from my publisher. I also wait to hear back from a very significant singer-songwriter (think BIG, then think BIGGER), who has agreed to be interviewed for the book. But first he wanted to read the introduction I’d written, as well as a sample chapter. So last week I sent them to him. And now I wait.

These are the things that make me grind my teeth.

Then today it dawns on me that these are good problems to have. Very good indeed.

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