No, not these guys – these guys are THE SONICS, still the standard-bearers for the form, but two low-circulation screamers from 1966, both of which are absolute monsters. Listen and marvel as the singer for the REASONS WHY goes absolutely apoplectic over a girl – quite possibly the most over-the-top, “savage” vocal performance of the day. Thrill to the stunning, wall-of-guitar intro to THE SPLIT ENDS’ “Rich With Nothing”, and then quietly add this to your mental list of the rawest & best 60s punk songs.

I know both numbers because of a bootleg LP called “I WAS A TEENAGE CAVEMEN” , yet both are also available on various semi-legit LPs and CDs as well. They’re also available right here, at no charge to the customer.

Download THE REASONS WHY – “Don’t Be That Way”
Download THE SPLIT ENDS – “Rich With Nothing”

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