Warning: The following post is mostly content-free…

Warning: The following post is mostly content-free and full of boring minutiae! Buy a case and share with your friends!

I shaved off my moustache this morning, and now I have a clean-shaven upper lip for the first time in 13-14 years. I first grew a moustache two years earlier to that, and the last time I was ‘stasheless lasted one week. It was odd to see my face in the mirror, all moony and sometimes reflecting back at me what appeared to be a bad photocopy of my teenage face. I’m thinking muttonchops are next.

In other news, my eMusic downloads of the month are:

  • Andrew Bird – Armchair Apocrypha (+ eMusic bonus track)
  • Danielson – Brother Is To Son
  • The For Carnation – s/t
  • Isaac Hayes – To Be Continued
  • Opeth – Blackwater Park
  • Panda Bear – Person Pitch
  • Red House Painters – Down Colorful Hill
  • Sonny Rollins – Freedom Suite
  • Marnie Stern – In Advance of the Broken Arm
  • Tortoise – TNT
  • David S. Ware – The Freedom Suite
  • Young People – Five Sunsets in Four Days

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