A Little Shopping Trip Part 4 (Return from Utrecht…)

I picked up over 40 singles during the 2 days at the fair in Utrecht… It was fun but pretty heavy going walking up and down the aisles for over 7 hours each day, It is really HUGE. Utrecht is a nice town and it was the first time that I had time to go beyond the station and convention centre.

This is some of the stuff I found, I’ll review a few of them over the next few weeks once they’ve been more or less digested:

Panther-One Man Band(the 3rd Pantherman single), 2 Kin Ping Meh singles, Balls –Fight For My Country (French Pic Sleeve), A great French Pic sleeve of Trevor White’s Crazy Kids, Hush EP, Old 88 (French Pic Sleeve)

Some nice German sleeves: Abacus-Indian Dancer, Captain Groovy And His Bubblegum Army, Ning –Machine, Yellow Bird –Attack Attack, Tiger –Crazy, Shelby, Smoke, Crash Brothers, Galahad –Rocket Summer etc…

More Dutch stuff including Peter And The Rockets (including Angeline sung in French, Heart, Left Side, The Ball, Blue Planet, Cardinal Point (the fab Grand Pretender!!!), Lemming, Melody –Stepping Stone, Cherrie Vangelder-Smith, Smyle, Catapult, Little Sammy Gaha (Thanks Jos), Bloom (great Power Pop from ’76) and more…

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