I have only known the brilliance of this 1980 British punk song for about four years now, having heard this for the first time fairly recently, but damn if “Getting Nowhere Fast” isn’t one of the classic songs of that or any other era. GIRLS AT OUR BEST! have a terrific fan site that is located here; I myself wrote a thing about them in 2003 right about here. As I said then, “’Getting Nowhere Fast’, from their 1980 debut 45, is one of those face-slapping moments any music obsessive lives for – a fantastic, classic, top-tier rock and roll song that I’d never heard before, at a time when sometimes I snobbishly think I’ve heard everything brilliant this era had to offer. Picture a driving, snotty, femme-voxed cross between “Pretty Vacant” and “Suspect Device”; “Getting Nowhere Fast” is easily as good and catchy as both…..”. Alas, beyond this record’s B-side “Warn Girls”, the band never duplicated their feats here, but I could play this song on endless repeat for at least a couple of hours – what about you?

Play or Download GIRLS AT OUR BEST! – “Getting Nowhere Fast” (A-side of debut 45)

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