My Version Is Better Than Yours Part 5: Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Back Again –Little Sammy Gaha vs Harley Quinne

Little Sammy Gaha- Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Back Again/Come ’N’ On Strong –Pink Elephant 22.701-H (1973 Dutch issue)

(Little) Sammy Gaha was a wild hairy Australian who cut several singles and also did soundtrack work mostly in France. The song is a classic with a cool arrangement highlighted by driving cellos & strings very much in the style of Roy Wood and ELO.

Harley Quinne –Rock And Roll Is Back Again/My Lady –Bell 1282 (1973 UK)

Harley Quinne chose the song as a follow up to their hit version of New Orleans, but it sadly didn’t repeat its predecessor’s success. It’s a good rockin’ version very much following the same arrangement but with a more polished yet gritty production by Cook/Greenaway.

So here you have it two versions of this great song and I for one am not sure of the winner…

Click on title for edits of Little Sammy Gaha and Harley Quinne

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