The cars that I’ve driven.

1978 Pontiac Lemans (first car, 15,000 orig. miles, subtle and wonderful, bent the frame and front axle screwing around, totalled out)

1987 Buick Century (second car, the running dog, 2.8 L V-6, fast, loud A/C Delco stereo, I destroyed this car before it was ultimately taken away due to a DUI/other offenses)

1982 Honda Accord (four door automatic, classic blue, third car after long period without wheels, loved this one, too, paid $400 for it, never quit on me, self-installed Sparkomatic stereo and speakers, drunk woman totalled it from behind on a Sunday afternoon, in hospital overnight)

1985 Honda Civic (five speed, hatchback, drove all over the South to see good and bad bands, amazing stereo, eventually died from an odd engine moisture problem)

1988 Honda Accord (four door, gold, this was my father’s car, inherited after he passed, I totalled it making a u-turn)

1991 Ford Escort (Hatchback, high miles, emergency cheap-o after totalling the Accord, installed nice stereo, timing belt popped in the middle of traffic)

1991 Nissan Pick-Up Truck (lots of problems, bad memories)

1993 Ford Ranger (good memories, strong, great stereo, crazy family of assholes ran stop sign and briefly changed life for the worse)


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