Tiger – Crazy

Tiger –Crazy/Bloody Blue Monday –BASF 0515573-5 (1974 DK)

Not to be confused with the Tiger of I Am An Animal infamy (see entry February 16th ’07) this lot were an off shoot band formed by The Walkers drummer Poul Denhart. Tiger seem to have also released an album, as the back of the Pic sleeve says –Har du Tigers nye LP? (Well I don’t, but on the basis of this single I definitely need one!). Crazy is a superb meeting of T. Rex and Chicory Tip –You may dig the naff synth, but you will certainly swoon to the perfect Marc Bolan impersonation and shudder to the loud HEYs. It has a strange and heavily flanged production with a charm of its own, although it plays havoc with the stereo panning. The B side is also fine, a slower 50s number again very much in T. Rex mode.

Click on title for a full version of Crazy

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