Living the Life

I feel as if I’ve had a cold forever, but in fact it’s been less than a week. Still, I sound like Tom Waits with laryngitis and feel like Marlon Brando towards the end of On the Waterfront: down for the count but don’t count him out.

Regardless, I’m keeping busy. I’ve yet to shower, but so far today have managed to take out the garbage in time for it to be taken away, catch up on the Virginia Tech developments, water the houseplants, refill the dog food container, reheat the leftover fried calamari from last night, watch the amazing film Insomnia, listen to director Christopher Nolan’s commentary track, search for the origin of Kerouac’s “great American night,” do some publicity work, go out to the garden and admire the return of the plants I planted last year, think about but nix the idea of going to Home Depot, and, most importantly, throughout it all, write a considerable amount for the book.

In short, I’m living the life and loving it.

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