NY residentz! R-rated Promo Post for Jeffrey Jensen’s The Jewish!!

Jensen wrote:

Dear John,

It’s been a turbulent last few months in the life of your favorite band. We lost our manager Stein. We got denied a record contract. And Nightface has Ass-Herpes (again). We’ve also been eschewing a lot of trash talk claiming we’re a no-talent “novelty” act lacking the grapes to “really rock”. Most of this comes from the mouths of the jealous (a rival band from Queens). All this got us thinking. We’re they serious? Do people really question our grapes? What are our grapes? Either way, we took it as a challenge. So this Saturday we’re serving up a set of jamz that is certain to end this discussion once and for all. The Jewish will play an All American Rock ‘n’ Roll Revue!!! No filler!!! No ballads!!! No fat chicks!!! If that weren’t enough, we’re also debuting a new bassist and security guard/manager. Looks like another one for the ages. Bring Boogie Shoes!!!
The Jewish at 9:00
famous gypsters Cass McCombs and Arboretum play after
Saturday May, 5 2007

90 Manhattan Ave @ McKibbin St 

Brooklyn, NY

He never gets tired of that ass-herpes joke.

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