Melody –Steppin’ Stone

Melody –Steppin’ Stone/Look In My Eyes And Love Me –Negram NG 2216 (1977 NL)

First things first –these guys look nothing like the way they sound. Sure the singer is probably pouting to the max between sputtering out his Jaggerisms, but the track starts off like some mutant spastic skiffle (Thanks C) and then finds itself in some weird place where the earthy bluesy slide guitar base is suplemented by a sprinkling of Glam and a touch of Dumb Punk for good measure. No clue or information on these guys…apart from being sponsored by Himalaya Oriental Beauty Products and being dressed by Club De France…

Hopefully Jos or others can fill us in on who these guys are? And what ever happened to Astrid Niels?

Click on title for soundclip

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