Hey, here’s the last minute/last hour notes taken and used during a recent “performance” as an MC (some bands played!!!).

-Beale Street Music Fest



-Lou Reed/Yoga/Meditation

-Joy Division Nikes and the idea that they have slippery soles

-Black Eye Joke

-TV Guide….I’m going to read it to you, so you don’t have to burglarize an elderly family

-Powers Booth Q and A

-Battle of the Bands

-The only way I would endure the Beale Street Music Fest is if Yoko Ono promised to decapitate herself before a live audience, or if Tom Waits agreed to a spoken word set in which he apolozies for tricking people into accepting the past 30 years of his music

-Iggy Pop Brick by Brick jokes

-TV Guide My Name is Earl cover…here’s some easy hillbilly humor for the creatively bankrupt in the audience

-The guarantee joke

-”Can I get more jokes in the monitor please?”

-Make a joke about the jokes that I crossed off of the list


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