Some random thoughts….

*See Paula Poundstone on Real Time With Bill Maher? I see that she’s just gone full-throttle with the trademark David Byrne suits (Maher’s “dressed like a clown” comment was expected but funny), and she consistently strayed so far from relevance and humor (that zombie movie joke was so bad it hurt my feelings) that the show appears to be scrapping the barrel for guests. Like anyone in her position, she writes books now.

*The latest episode of Tony Soprano Wakes Up, Lays Around, And Deals With Nagging Wife was a pot-boiler, and stayed true to this final season’s tendency to jump around a little too much. At least there was no tackling of gay bars (not unlike Police Academy’s depiction) and goth kids.

*My new favorite channel, Retroplex, has been wearing out Mel Brooks’ The History of the World Pt. 1, a movie that does not hold up.

*Chrysler’s in trouble, but the real matter at hand is: Who in the hell needs a Lincoln? Old people that absolutely MUST buy American? Need a truck? Buy a real truck. And this thing? Drive a Camry. And for the assholes with no style, there’s Old Reliable. There is no visable difference between this guy and the flagship SUV’s being manufactured by Hyundai and Kia, and no visable difference between the scrawny, shrill, Yoga-Iggy-Pop-bodied ladies that drive them all. The only Lincoln that I can get behind is the Town Car, and they give the Town Car the weakest engine. They also give the Town Car a front bench seat and rear-wheel drive, which you gotta love, for some reason. Poor old Town Car.

*I’m attending a funeral tomorrow morning. An old friend died, one that could have been considered my best friend if one were to look at my late teens/very early-20’s. We drifted apart, and barring the immediate situation at hand, tomorrow morning will stand as an incredibly tense, odd experience re: old friends. I will write about this over the next few days. Let that be a warning….unfunny, personal post coming up!!

*Last night, I passed out in the middle of Phantasm 2, and tonight I’m going to pass out in the middle of this blog entry. I will not write about this over the next few days.


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