Cardinal Point –I’m The Grand Pretender

Cardinal Point –I’m The Grand Pretender/ Lolly Linda –Philips 6012 387 (1973 NL)

Cardinal Point were a bunch ex-pat Italians living in Holland. They released an album and a few singles, but of all the tracks I’ve heard; this is the one that really stands out for me. Produced by Hans Van Hemert and co-written Piet Souer (Mouth & McNeal, Dump etc…) this is a work of pure folly. The track has pre-Bohemian Rhapsody pretensions albeit with platform boots firmly stuck in a waste-management centre and the twist and turns cemented by the stomping beat makes this a single to seek out and cherish. It’s quite readily available on the Internet and cheap to boot!

Click on title for soundclip

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