Muff –Discotheque King

Muff –Do The Hand Jive/ Discotheque King –Polydor 2040135 (1975 German Issue)

Here’s a little something to dance away the weekend. This single Seems to have been the follow up to Muff‘s Sexy Sexy Lady (Bell 1380) and once more the A side is a fun piece of commercial Glam fodder, but the B side is just so wonderfully inept. There seems to be more than a slight tempo conflict going on here and the crunching handclaps/foot stomps are lagging behind the beat (it’s also rare to have Glitter handclaps on the on-beat). The effect is just bizarre and you would have to be a real Discotheque King to be able to gyrate seamlessly to this one…

Click on title for a full version of Discotheque King

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