Overlooked 90’s album of the week.


(8th worst album cover of the 90’s)

Shoegazer. Brit-Pop. Indie-Rock. Retro Nonsense. Their respective asses are served by The Boo Radley’s Giant Steps (1993). A subtle job on white-boy dub years before that was cool, a better noise pop than Mercury Rev, driven into nothingness by Creation’s coke-drenched negligence (1), and followed by lesser albums (2), this (true) song-cycle sounds like several bands heralded yesterday (literally, May 25) on Sirius’ sad “Left of Center” channel (that’s a compliment). Head to your nearest cut-out bin and drop that four dollars!! Better yet, steal it from the internet!!!

1. I could be wrong here. It’s been years since I’ve read My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry For The Prize: The Creation Records Story (and I recently lent it out…please remind me to get this book back…another copy will not be found for a reasonable price), so the reason lurks somewhere in an unreachable part of my noggin.

2. The next two, Wake Up! and C’mon Kids are oooooooooh keeeeeeey. ’92’s Everything’s Alright Forever is a pretty strong, by-the-numbers shoegaze album that beats most of the usual MBV farts.


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