I’ll take someone to lunch at a cafeteria-style restaurant.

But don’t push it. I have a $20 bet with Bob Mehr re: Tony’s death. Bob made a rather confident “oh yeah, Tony’s going to die, without a doubt” proclamation Friday night as we were out celebrating nothing in particular. I hit him square in the face with a wager. Tony is going to live. Bobby’s absurdly macro death scene is growing on me – he had to go out that way. Dave Dunlap Jr. said, “at least there wasn’t a Chesterfield Kings factory cassette playing as Silvio was shot.” Good point. The writer’s hatred of housewives (or women in general) reached a hilarious peak with more of Carmela’s whiny issues. Part of your comfy lifestyle, hon. Stop asking irritating questions. Sure hope those little real estate hobbies pan out. TONY WILL PREVAIL!!!

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