A day of mail, etc.

Hey you, look at the crap that came in the mail today.

ITEM! Neil Hamburger’s The World’s Funnyman DVD. Alright, alright, alright already….he’s performing here soon, I’m writing something about it, he wrote a forward for the forthcoming Just Farr A Laugh booklet, and this makes a total of three copies of this thing that sit in my office. If you haven’t seen his appearance on Fox Red Eye, well, now you have (scroll down to the “on demand” section).

ITEM! The brand new CD by The Sharp Things. On Bar/None and sporting four hundred members. The band photo on the back cover DOES NOT look promising. Guess what? I’ll never listen to this. Don’t put “possibly the only symphonic pop band in their native city of New York” in your promo one sheet.

ITEM! The brand new CD by Turzi. On Kemado. More horrible album art. I might listen to this. Eh, probably not.

ITEM! The brand new CD by Joe Shithead Keithley and his Band of Rebels. Dropped the ‘y’ I see, but continued to make music. The ‘a’ in “band” is an anarchy symbol. There’s a handy notice on the cover stating “from D.O.A.” This hurts my feelings.

ITEM! The brand new album by Fourth of July. More horrible cover art. Promo one-sheet uses the word “breezy.” I’ll never listen to this.

ITEM! BEST FOR LAST! The brand new album by Finnish femme Astrid Swan. Promo one-sheet cites Kate Bush, Peter and the Wolf, and Elliott Smith. Thanks for the warning. In the box you go!!!


My new and constant e-mail response to publicists is as follows: “I need a promo of your label’s entire discography, or promos of every single artist that you represent. Yesterday!!”

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