In the midst of the fireburst of raw, simple, gnarly American garage punk of the early 1990s, a few masterpieces stand out. I’ve been posting a few of them on this site, and have detailed a short list of them here as well. It’s probably time to get THE INHALANTS 45 up, don’t you think? As it turns out, this Texas band put out five 45s in the early 90s, but the one I “adored”, and I don’t say that lightly, is the “Kolchak, The Night Stalker / Middle Ages” single from 1994 on Bag of Hammers records (Jimmy The Bud Man! How are ya!!). I was incorrect only on chronology when I wrote on my old blog:

More Texas ineptitude from a short-lived band who nailed it on their first try. Hectic, sloppy and chaotic in all the right places, played about two beats faster than the band themselves can keep up with. Singer has one of those punk rock voices for the ages, all nasaly and fried like a true barroom poet.

‘Twas their second try. It’s such a demented, joyous piece of genius, one that I’d like to teach the whole world to sing if I can. Get started by clicking the links below.

Play or Download THE INHALANTS – “Kolchak, The Night Stalker” (A-side)
Play or Download THE INHALANTS – “Middle Ages” (B-side)

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