Got a blog? You’re a writer!!

I’m twenty minutes into an On-Demanded Smokin’ Aces. Imagine It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World or Andy Breckman’s Rat Race (or Hot to Trot) done up post-post-post-post 90’s Tarantino dumb-dumb don’t-blink implausible you get the drill, seen the drill, can write the drill in your sleep….with one catch: IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! By the time that last word was written, I was 70 minutes in. Want more numbers? At least 50 different wagers could be made during this film. They die here, they die there, and most are legitimate surprises. Sort of seat ‘o the pants, I must admit.

Yes, I liked Narc (same director, my reader(s), a Mr. Joe Carnahan). He’ll be sitting in the same chair for the adaptation of Killing Pablo, and yes, I read Mark Bowden.

P.S. It has a bad ending.

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