Hold on now…..

I just pried myself from bed to the horrifying memory of giving Smokin’ Aces a favorable shout-out. I’m not even going to honor it with italics. Waddupwiddat?

That Marilyn Manson review must have been really bad.


Thing is, this guy is further from the target than most of the review’s immediate comments.

Need I spell it out?

Yes, 14-year-olds listen to Marilyn Manson. Yes, in terms of fan demographic (and intellect), I see little diffference between a Limp Bizkit fan and a Cradle of Filth fan, though I UNDERSTAND THAT THEY SOUND NOTHING ALIKE. Tip ‘O the visor to your meth-tooting, Oxycontin-addicted, pregnant-at-19, married-at-20, ground-effects-hanging-lopsided-on-the-Eclipse ASSES!! No, the aforementioned doesn’t make up the buying majority for T. Rex reissues.

Otherwise, yes, that review could have been better.

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