The Cable Report returns…

A one and only return of my once ignored series of posts, The TV Report. I don’t even remember if that’s the correct name!!

AMCTV is rocking The Verdict tonight, the first and only powerhouse pairing of Lumet and Mamet. “There are no other cases, this is the case.” HBO+ has made the wise choice of Brick, one of last year’s pleasant surprises (as long as you got the joke). Somebody at one of the Max’s is laughing their arses off as they subject four people to Freejack. Sample dialogue…Jagger: “He’s a Freejack!!!” And I must admit, Will Ferrell and Sasha Baron Cohen’s exchange on the MTV movie awards was pretty damned funny (aside from the actual kissing part, which was stupid). “You’ve been busy with Napoleon Dynamite’s crotch in your face?” (whatever that means) Oh, and good to see Aziz getting some in-between work there. Actually, no, it’s not. Another meaningless Max side channel made up for the Freejack mistake with a showing of Dog Day Afternoon. If you’re ever in the mood for a pathetic ya-ha, check out the 4+ year-old movies available on Max On-Demand. Enact Action was worth someone’s time for the excellent Stander; hope you saw it, and Marked for Death seems to come on Encore every four hours.

My conclusion re: The Sopranos finale: David Chase simply had no idea how to end things.

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