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It matters little whether or not you follow or care about golf, as we’ve got a hell of a party brewing over here with Memphis’ favorite fat-boy, sand-trap barfer. Our trash comes wrapped up special!!

(from the Commercial Appeal)

Coverup alleged by wife of Daly

Sherrie Daly
John Daly as he appeared Friday at the Stanford St. Jude Championships.

She claims assault, says scratches self-inflicted 

By Lawrence Buser 
June 12, 2007

Golfer John Daly scratched his own face last week to cover up his sexual assault of his wife and then falsely reported that she attacked him with a knife, Sherrie Daly said in court papers filed Monday.

The popular and controversial Daly showed up for his Friday round at the Stanford St. Jude Championship at TPC Southwind sporting long red scratches on both cheeks which he blamed on a domestic assault by his wife.

No criminal charges were filed, but Daly, 41, sought a protective order against her to prohibit any contact with him or their 3-year-old son. He also refiled an earlier petition for divorce.

On Monday, Sherrie Daly fired back, seeking a restraining order, exclusive use and possession of the Southwind home, temporary custody of their child and continued financial support. She said Daly gives her a monthly cash allowance ranging from $15,000 to $30,000.

She also gave a different account of how her husband ended up with claw marks on his face.

She said Daly “spun out of control” during heavy drinking last Thursday, verbally assaulting a security guard at Southwind and breaking the security gate to get to their home on Windgarden.

She said she went to a neighbor’s house because he was screaming and cursing and that he later called her from the East End Grill at Winchester and Hacks Cross Road.

Sherrie Daly, 31, said she went to the restaurant to bring him home and “became involved in a minor altercation with (Daly) and his ‘groupies,’” who she said she scolded for encouraging him to drink alcohol.

She said that in the early morning hours Friday, she was awakened by a drunken Daly making sexually offensive gestures and remarks.

She said he then sexually assaulted her, causing unspecified injuries. She said she called 911 and then took their son and her 8-year-old son by a previous relationship to a neighbor’s house.

“Mother would show that Father inflicted injury upon himself by scratching his face,” Sherrie Daly said in the Circuit Court petition. “Father accused Mother of attacking him with a knife and stabbing him in an attempt to cover up his sexual assault of Mother.”

Reached Monday, John Daly said, “It’s just not true, Bub. It’s just not true. That’s all I can say.”

Asked if he planned to file criminal charges, he said, “Let’s just go with that. Nah. It’s just not true. She did what she did, and that’s all I can say right now.”

Sherrie Daly’s attorney, Rachael Putnam, would not comment other than to say it’s a personal matter and her client’s greatest concern is her children.

Sherrie Daly said in court papers her husband’s erratic and violent behavior is emotionally damaging to the children and that he could live in their Arkansas residence or in the tour bus in which they travel to golf tournaments.

She also said his paranoid and aggressive behavior stemming from abuse of alcohol and diet pills has resulted in damage to their personal property that “easily exceeds” $1 million.

In addition to a protective order, Daly also is seeking the Southwind home and temporary custody of their son and his wife’s 8-year-old son from a previous relationship.

He notes in his petition that she is a convicted felon who served five months in prison last year for money laundering in a case unrelated to her husband or golf.

According to a sheriff’s report on last week’s incident, Daly told deputies he went to bed to avoid further conflict with his wife, but that he was awakened by an intoxicated Sherrie Daly, who he said stabbed and cut his face with a silver steak knife.

She shouted, “I will kill you, you piece of (expletive,)” the report said. The report said Daly replied, “Go ahead and kill me.”

Officers said there was blood on Daly’s shirt, but they could not find his wife or the knife used in the attack.

He said his wife is guilty of inappropriate marital conduct and that there are irreconcilable differences.

John and Sherrie Daly were married July 29, 2001, in Las Vegas, seven weeks after they met at a golf tournament. It was her first marriage and Daly’s fourth.

They both filed for divorce last October, but attempted to reconcile, according to her petition, after Daly promised to stop abusing whiskey, gambling and carousing with other women.

In her petition Monday, Sherrie Daly said her husband has continued to abuse alcohol and that he is addicted to gambling and sex.

She said that in January while they were traveling in San Diego, Daly became drunk on vodka and became so enraged at her that he pulled “a large portion of hair from her head while throwing her head against the wall.” She said he also tore her shirt and bra and broke a telephone, all in the presence of her son.

Sherrie Daly said her husband continued to drink when they traveled to Arizona and that he had to be taken by ambulance to an emergency room after blacking out from alcohol.

She said that in May she fled with the children from their Arkansas residence when Daly went on an early morning “drunken rage.”

She said they returned to the Southwind residence where they remained until Daly returned for last week’s tournament.

– Lawrence Buser

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