Shake A Tail Suzy

Shake A Tail Suzy/ Meet Barry Sheene –Sound For Industry SF 144 (1973 UK)

Barry Blue meets Barry Sheene! This is a double sided promotional flexi disc for Suzuki that was issued in 1973 . Barry Blue produced and co-wrote Shake A Tail Suzy
under the pseudonym Barry Green. The A side is simply a different edit/mix of Big Wheel’s Shake A Tail (Bell 1310) that can also to be found on Velvet Tinmine, although this version predates it. There are more cycle noises, more suggestive purrs, plus other slight variants…The B side features an interview with Barry Sheene. It is yet to be confirmed if this is the same edit of the interview as the flexi that came with the February ’73 issue of Japanese Bikes Monthly.

I ‘ll post another “flexi” review in a couple of days.

Click on title for a full Shake A Tail Suzy

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