How to shatter an afternoon drive.

As posted last week, Candace and I spent the weekend in and around Crossville TN (with my mom) visiting my aunt, who lives in a retirement village called Fairfield Glade.

Accomplished: (as predicted) A lot of fruitless fishing (I caught one GIANT sunfish). Two great hikes (one was the historic Fall Creek Falls), and the unfortunate (almost) witnessing of this accident:

We were about thirty cars behind the one that was struck by the motorcyclist. By the time we crawled up, jackets were placed over his destroyed head, but blood was everywhere, legs were pretzel-ed, people were out and about on cell phones, and the waffling driver in front of us had come to a complete stop, forcing the gruesome sight for several minutes. Not sure about you, but I don’t enjoy the intense negativity presented by a freshly dead accident victim.


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