I don’t want to be cranky this afternoon, but….

My colleague Bob Mehr probably won his Sopranos bet (dead Tony) by default of David Chase’s laziness (though I’ve since decided that I like the entire episode). We’ve since switched our topic of discussion to the latest ultra-pathetic example of the faux-everything campaign supported by what some people consider the “underground.”

Please, if you find Dan Deacon to be entertaining or original, please post a comment or two in his defense.

Subject: Double D. Baby

Don’t you know, man? Don’t you know that THIS is MUSIC, ART, COMEDY AND PERFORMANCE in the year 2007.

This is the future. So forget your guitars and your songs and your rock and roll. And bow down to the future.

Bow down to Dan Deacon (a.k.a. what happens when hipster irony, cable access worship and bad electronic music clash)



Seriously, man. Watching this I am really starting to feel my age.

I mean, I get it (cause, like, I have seen Devo before and all).  I understand all the component parts that make up his schtick. I can even appreciate certain aspects of it (the Ian Curtis ripoff vocals, the Wonder Showzen/Adult Swim visuals) for a fleeting moment. But I just don’t get how anyone could seriously expend any real time, energy or head space on this utter one trick novelty. (not surprisingly he’s super tight with Liam Lynch).


Response: I’ve decided to take up freshwater scuba diving. At golf courses. For golf balls. To sell back to the pro-shop. I can no longer take this cruel world.

No, if I was 22 and this was being shoved down my throat, I’d feel 35, if that makes any sense. If one starts to grow up at age 17, than I grew up on “fucked-up” pubic access/spontaneous video footage, most of which you can find on YouTube with minimal effort. The Liam Lynch connection is no surprise; they make the perfect team for peddling the worn script of 80’s street culture (YOU OUT THERE!! ARE YOU STILL AMUSED BY GIANT JAMBOXES????), the hipster-izing of the “nerd” agenda (which I thought happened in the early-to-mid 90’s), a fraudulent “outsider” aesthetic, and the inability to write a decent hook (that might partially redeem the unsavory mediocrity of the whole package). Still, because of the pre-Internet slowpoke environment that ruled my late teens and early 20’s, it pains me to come up with a comparable example. Let’s look at Dan Deacon like we did Candlebox or Collective Soul, as the adventurousness needed for consumption is identical
Is the hot air expended in vain (don’t answer that)? Am I totally out of touch and supposed to know that this is uninspired garbage? Is it absurd to let this soon forgotten blip irritate me?











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