Promo: Jeff Jensen performing in Chicago Monday Night

The Hideout 

Monday June 25th at 8:00, 7:30 doors

1354 w wabansia chicago il 60622

Drag City presents “The People Under The Stares” an evening of stand-up comedy featuring

Graham Elwood
Jeff Jensen & Elizabeth Mann
Brian Babylon
Becky Garcia
with your host
Rian Murphy
and live musical accompaniment from
Azita & her Ass Shivers

A monthly comedy showcase at The Hideout in Chicago brought to you by the unusual gang of idiots at Drag City.

Earles says: I don’t know much about these other ding dongs but my co-conspirator Jeff Jensen’s performance is sure to whelm with wonder and amusement. You’ll leave offended, confused, and horny. This show is not to be confused with bad underground hip-hop (that’s stairs) or bad horror movies that feature Ving Rhames spending the entire affair referring to a kid lead as “fool!”


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