Perhaps no song epitomizes the late 70s rain-sogged UK “Messthetics”/D.I.Y. sound for me as much as METROPAK’s “OK Let’s Go”. This 1979 single was the first of three from this Scottish band, who to my surprise have a great MySpace tribute site up right now where you can download even more, look at photos, watch a video and all that. The distant, delicately strummed chords; the out-of-place keyboard bleeps; the pointless chug and sputter tempos; and the general ennui that pervades this thing make it as much a candidate for this era’s hall of fame as “Redbox” by I JOG AND THE TRACKSUITS and “Smokescreen” by the DESPERATE BICYCLES, to say nothing of “Chance Romance” by SUBVERSE that we posted a few weeks ago.

Play or Download METROPAK – “OK Let’s Go” (from 1979 single)

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