Amsterdam –Mary Lou

Amsterdam –Mary Lou/ Best Friend –Pink Elephant 22.841 (1974 NL)

Amsterdam were members of the feared Ajax Inter-City Firm and they were always at the forefront when it came to bashing in Feyenoord skulls. They eventually rose beyond their violent notoriety when they started to bring their instruments to play for their mates on the football specials and somehow got themselves signed to the Pink Elephant label –They were even filmed for TV on a train performing this very same song!!!

….In fact Amsterdam were in fact a bunch of namby- pamby hippie popsters (Indian Pipe), but they did appear on Van Oekel’s Discohoek performing this track in a studio train carriage…In any case Mary Lou is another fine example of period Boogie/Glam – nice and crunchy with a blistering lead break.

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