Andy Brown –Supersonic

Andy Brown –Supersonic/Feeling Better –GM GMS 9039 (1975 UK)

Yes, the same Andy Brown, who was the HE in The Herd, performing a storming version of the theme to Saturday morning’s TV Pop programme Supersonic. Produced by Tom Allom (Tiger etc…) it’s a cracker to be filed next to Dazzle’s Jim’ll Fix It (DJM).

For those born too late or residing elsewhere, Supersonic was the ultimate in UK Pop TV featuring many Glam greats and was just around long enough to embrace Punk (the appearance by The Damned was particularly memorable). Presented by school boy crush-maker Sally James and directed by the Cecil B. DeMille of morning TV Mike Mansfield, the show ran from September ’75 to April ’77. More information and a full list of appearances here:

Cue the music!

Click on title for a full version (3:17) of Supersonic

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