Sunday – I Love TV Pt. II

Monday, July 16th, is the first Monday in ages that hasn’t carried a deadline of some sort. Though I should be working on one of my running projects/book….things, or a deadline that falls a little later in the week, I elected to spend the afternoon with cable TV. Here’s the timeline:

1. The last 20 minutes of McVigar, a movie I’ve never seen (should have, tho).

2. Most of Dreamscape, a movie that terrified me as a child. This is one of the first movies to be rated PG-13. It could have easily been R-rated. The only hilarious aspect, at this point, is that it co-starred the poor-man’s Sean Penn, David Patrick Kelly. It’s possible that he never played anything but a villain. He was pushed from a cliff in Commando.

3. Took a nap. Read the latest issue of The Oxford American. Well, some of it.

4. Watched a couple of MSNBC doc shows, on of which was based in Memphis.

5. Toggled between 60 Minutes and Spike’s CSI.

6. Oh, a partial viewing of Roadhouse, a movie that I’ve seen 1,982 times, fit in somewhere.

7. Started the new Big Love, but switched over to Dog Day Afternoon, another movie that I’ve seen 1,982 times.

8. On to Entourage (a show that I always enjoy, despite….IT).

9. This is my third episode, out of six or so, of Flight of the Conchords. I’m not in the mood today, or of writerly capacity, today to give a readable, detailed criticism of this show. Don’t expect any of that.

A. Eight years ago, Beck did that faux-R&B, white boy falsetto crooning that hipsters find so amusing. When real live black people, like R. Kelly (current) or Luther Vandross (dead), do ballads, white people (including myself, but less so these days), find it amusing. This version is an 11th over dumb down. Some half-decent lines…yes. Otherwise, this show is not winning me over. I love how these two are portrayed as loveless losers, but they’re obviously super hot chick magnets. I detect a little too much nudge-nudge hipster humor (see Aziz’s Books on Tape short film) – all “that looks like a party I’ve been to” and no solid jokes.


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