Latest shopping trip…

Just got back from a few days gallivanting around Witchfinder General territory. I Managed to hit one record fair plus a few record shops in Norwich and a car boot sale in Banham (not far off the B 1113)! I came back with around 50 singles -No real amazing finds, but cool stuff including some choice Bugglegum: Nevada Sound with a cool version of Gimme (Gimme) Good Lovin’ on Pye, BubblesHazy Hazy Crazy Crazy (in Europe they edited out the Crazy Crazy from the title), several Demos on UK including Sloply Bellywell, Robin, Handful of Cheek, Ricky Wilde

A whole slew of Jam promos (SylvesterGimme Time, Bitter Suite -Six O’ Clock News, Walter MittyCaroline etc…).

Biggest disapointment: A 1973 single on RCA under the name Hammerhead…weak poppy reggae.

Best deal –The PassengersSomething About You for 25 pence!

As for the Sakkarin single above? It is in fact a demo copy of Sugar Sugar!

Back soon…

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