A Hardboiled Classic and other flotsam…

The mystery/crime section never fails to amaze. Expect fewer and fewer posts as I lose myself in the pleasure reading of titles like The Sudoku Murders.

Spike’s new series The Kill Point seems to have Wire fans in mind, as it features no less than four players from THE GREATEST TELEVISION SHOW EVER, including Michael J. Williams (”Omar”). Also, catch this: It’s good.

What was in my PO Box today: Reissues of both The Young Marble Giants’ Colossal Youth and The Fire Engines’ Hungry Beat (a discography of sorts). And some crappy metal from Century Media.

Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased a copy of The Best American Mystery Stories…until the other day. The 2006 version, edited by cigar-eater (I’m guessing) Scott Turow, is saved by the incredible writing of Scott Wolven, Jeff Somers, William Harrison, and Joyce Carol Oates. I shall pay $0.86 a piece for installments from previous years.


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