Back From Belgium…

Just got back from a few days days in Brussels and yes, I just happened to stumble across some record shops when I was there… It was nice to see so much vinyl still being sold within a City centre. There was quite a lot of dross to get though and I didn’t have the time to go through everything, but a couple of shops had some good stuff that was easy to spot(Jukebox and Collector)
It was a mixed bag but some of the finds included the following in pic sleeves:
Hector -Wired Up/ Bye Bye Bad Days (French )
The Smoke -My Friend Jack
Clique -Superman
Trems -You Can’t Touch Sue
Teddy Lane -Do The Rock The Rock ‘N’ Roll
Milk ‘N’ Cookies -Little Lost And Innocent (French)
Shakane -Love Machine
Plastic Feet -Big Blond Baby (Belgian pic sleeve different from the Dutch one)
Doc & Prohibition -Generation

Plus a US 4 track EP from Stumblebunny on Slip -Shod Records ( 1977 -2 years before the LP), a Robin Goodfellow UK Demo on Dawn plus more Cardinal Point, Arrows and other pic sleeves

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