Victory Records = Idiots….color me surprised. And let’s fight.

This is old, but worth reading. Idolator continues to be one of the only music sites that doesn’t irritate the shit out of me.

This has also been around for a while, but shows a type of non-fiction that I’d like to see more of. Eugene’s book, a project that will see the light of day in November (cuz Harper Collins read this piece and approached him….THAT’S how you get a book deal, and he deserves it), will be based on this feature. Maybe all of the pussies are starting to get to me.

I’m not so hot at fighting. If action needs to be taken, I’d rather hit someone with a chair. Over the past three years, I’ve challenged at least four musicians to a fight, in print, and in my Magnet column “Where’s The Street Team.” I find it funny. Some people just need to be punched, like Anton from the Brian Jonestown Massacre, who anyone could take down, or Liam Lynch (actually, I think I wrote that he needed to be “hit in the back of the neck with a roll of quarters”), who I probably wouldn’t hit but might personally tell him he’s a merchant of shit re: movies and music.

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