Jabberwock & Disturbance –Sneakin’ Snaky

Jabberwock – Sneakin’ Snaky/Fortune Teller –MCA 264 (1977 UK)
Disturbance – Sneakin’ Snaky/Fortune Teller –MCA 566 (1980 UK)

Sneakin’ Snaky is one of those out-of-nowhere songs and performances. It’s part PRAM/New Wave with a touch of The Small Faces (the Artful Dodger vocals). The song builds nicely until the chorus kicks in…and what a chorus it is! It will sweep you along and is so damn catchy that it will never leave you. The version released later by Disturbance is simply a remix with added keyboards. It’s also great, but the Jabberwock mix is more powerful and just has the edge

Jabberwock were Neil Harrison (ex-Driftwood, k/gtr/v), Giz Van de Kleut (b), Chris Reeves (v/gtr, ex-Rock Candy), Pete Jennings (k, ex-Cressida) and an un-named session drummer. Chris Reeves was also playing with The Dyaks; Van de Kleut and Pete Jennings also took part in a May 1978 recording session intended for a second Dyaks single. Neil Harrison issued solo singles 78-79 (?). The group had split before the 1980 release of the remixed versions of the two tracks. Chris Reeves then recorded with Mystere Five’s and released a solo single (assisted by Peter Jennings) on the Y label.

Thanks to Steve at Lowdown Kids for the background info

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