What is my problem?

I have no excuse for my poor posting frequency.

Tony Wilson, founder of Factory Records and subject of 24 Hour Party People, just died.

On Monday morning (8/13), I leave on a cruise that will stop off in the Bahamas and Key West. My birthday is the 15th. B-day on a cruise. Look for a blow-by-blow of this experience in the next issue of Chunklet.

Yes, The Wire is the greatest TV show ever. I’ve had two run-ins with The Wire today. Sadly, I was reading a Pitchfork interview with Patton Oswalt, and he gave major props to the show. Check out his latest album; it’s the tits. Do not check out his music recommendations, as they fall into the standard alt-comedian fare (TV on the Radio, the Alarm Clocks reissue…one of the worst 60’s psych interests ever, and well, I forgot). He does make fun of the “I don’t own a TV/TV is garbage/TV is bad for society” people – something I can always get behind. Patton also gives props to Tom Scharpling’s Best Show on WFMU, though I doubt he’d speak to me for over five minutes, even after finding out that I spent ‘01 to ‘06 contributing to the show.

So next week is going to be thin. The computer rooms/libraries on cruise ships can be a real hassle.

A quick guide to cruise writing:

Klosterman: Boring (I might actually read IV)
David Foster Wallace: Great

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