A public apology for a really stupid mistake.

The new issue of Harp Magazine just hit the stands, and boy was I excited to see myself featured (in a big way) in the masthead. Boy was I looking forward to reading my lengthy spread on Scharpling and Wurster, plus my smaller piece on David Cross. Boy was I horrified to learn that, in the “History of the Comedy Duo” sidebar, I made a HUGE mistake. As David Greenburger (of Duplex Planet fame) was quick to point out in a letter to the editor, my entry for Coyle and Sharpe contains quite the error.

I listed the wrong one as being deceased.

I can be a frustratingly oblivious person. I forget keys, I forget to buy cat litter, I forget appointments, I forget to write shit down, I forget birthdays, I forget people’s names….

The horrible thing is, I know the work of Coyle and Sharpe. I KNOW WHICH ONE IS DEAD. It was a quasi-dyslexic mistake. I flipped them for a split sec….in my mind.

It’s foul-ups like these that pry my brain apart. I will obsess over it for days.

Therefore, this is an open apology to the alive-and-well Mal Sharpe. Absorb their official website here.

So, follow my saga as every previously cracked or open freelance door slams shut, as e-mails and pitches to editors are not returned, as my ten years of writing leaks any of the remaining water that it held.

Be sure to catch my byline in future issues of American Jail, where I’ll be reviewing indestructible phone receivers and tables that can be thrown around a room.


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