One of my top 2007 finds (and perhaps yours as well – the word is most definitely out) is a young band from Huntsville, AL called THOMAS FUNCTION. Reminscient in so many ways of a stripped-down, keyboard-augmented, less grandeur-bound TELEVISION, two of their three 45s are among the finest & most deceptively catchy records of our aging decade so far. (I say 2 of the 3 because I haven’t heard the new one yet – the label says it’s “in the mail”). I think the main guy’s vocals come off as so much more real than others looking to recreate a pre-punk history for a post-punk world, and THOMAS FUNCTION are the sort of band that’s going to appeal equally aging record dorks like myself and the new gaggle of teenage hipsters. Apparently the garage punk congnescenti dig ’em too. See you what you think by downloading two of their best so far.

Play or Download THOMAS FUNCTION – “Conspiracy of Praise” (from “The Insignificants” 7″EP)
Play or Download THOMAS FUNCTION – “Vanity Lights” (from self-titled 2nd 7″EP)

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