Capsular Reviews of Anything

(this post will feature no formatting, as I am burdened with Safari at the moment…the Ford Escort of web browsers)

1. Lost (a TV show) – To clarify, Terry O’Quinn is the only reason that I’m watching this show. Believe that? I feel great about it.

2. Air America (syndicated radio) – Memphis lost Air America earlier this week. I’m going to miss the four-year-old, scratchy local spots for pathetic computer repair businesses. I’m also going to miss the fresh, pointed content. Already unfunny comics that just lost their minds once Bush was elected. Preaching to the converted. Fishing for issues, then flogging them useless. I will miss these things.

3. Steven Tyler on the Henry Rollins Show (IFC) – This hasn’t aired yet, but I’m going to go ahead and throw some proposed dialogue out there so you don’t have to watch it. “Man, back when we were all eating toothpaste on crackers at the SST offices, we used to jam “Rocks,” I mean, we didn’t even listen to current punk rock, we were all into classic hard rock. You’re lookin’ pretty fit these days, Steven. You know what I like to tell the ladies? GET IN THE VAN!!!”

4. MySpace – Over the course of a week, the number of my MySpace friends dropped by about 50 people. I cannot devote the research to finding out exactly who these people are/were. Did they die? Did I do something wrong?

5. Death Sentence/Shoot ‘Em Up/The Brave One (these are movies) – Haven’t seen them!! BUT…I plan on an entire day devoted to these three movies back-to-back. Color me surprised that there is a “think piece” in the NYT about the “return of the revenge/vigilante movie.”

6. The “Mumblecore” Genre of Indie Film – A more detailed post is forthcoming. See previous post. The Indie Film has been dying a slow death for some time, and trends such as this one signal a true case of my favorite term (and title of a book I hope to write by the time I turn 80) Creative Bankruptcy. A note to Doug M.: Let’s discuss it ONLINE!!!! For everyone to see!!!

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