Remember when bad Lookout! Records bands used to….

….write songs about coffee? Ok, I have no reason for that comment, other than memories of a Crimpshrine 7″ that I always flipped over on the way to sounds so much better, like a Steel Pole Bathtub 7″ or something of the like. That Crimpshrine 7″ wasn’t even on Lookout! Or maybe it was. Yeah, it was. Hey, I’m Aaron Cometbus. I convinced scores of Food-Not-Bombs volunteers that they too could be accomplished, stylistically unique, and beautifully personal writers. That last part is…..on fucking Jupiter. No, get it, see, he really did influence a lot of people that purposely smelled like boiled cabbage crammed into a Happy Meal box that has been festering for eight days in the back seat of a Ford Escort GT. This is leading up to something, just watch….I thought of the “Sleep, What’s That?” 7″ as I was just watching Alien Nation, a film that will keep me awake for two hours when I should be asleep. This is serious shizmits here. James Caan in a creative phase apparently inspired by the I.R.S. Wow, why am I awake. Does this count as a true blog entry? What is that game that the aliens are playing at the beginning of Alien Nation? One of the more powerful metaphors for racism. What in the hell is the matter with me. Why did I just write this? Gotta post it now.







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